Top 5 Things President Obama Should Do Today

My list is probably different:
5: Fire everyone in government.
4: End big government.
3: Become conservative.
2: Resign.
1: Get right with God.

What is your list?

Check out their list:

Only some of each president’s speeches are billed as “major,” and today’s is one of them for President Obama. His commencement address at West Point is a “major” foreign policy speech at a time when America’s friends and adversaries are questioning U.S. leadership.
The Obama approach has weakened the world’s superpower, creating a dearth of leadership that is increasingly being filled by hostile, dictatorial nations from Moscow to Beijing. If he is serious about turning around U.S. foreign policy, here are five things the president should do in his West Point address today.

1. Acknowledge the Russian reset is dead.
As Moscow’s invasion of Crimea amply demonstrated, the much-hyped “Russian reset” has been a foreign policy disaster. The Obama administration’s reset, designed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was built on the idea of Russia as a partner with the United States. Supposedly hand in hand, the former rivals would address the major international crises of the day. This initiative, however, will be remembered as one of the biggest foreign policy follies of the modern era — a staggeringly naïve exercise in appeasement that encouraged Moscow at Washington’s expense.

2. Announce U.S. withdrawal from the New START Treaty.
The president should announce the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction) Treaty. New START is a fundamentally flawed treaty that dramatically undercuts the security of the U.S. and its allies. It is an extraordinarily good deal for the Russians, as it significantly limits Washington’s ability to deploy an effective global missile defense system. It does nothing at all to advance U.S. security while handing Moscow a significant strategic edge.



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