Ticker-Tape Parade For Heroic Whistleblower Edward Snowden?

Interesting. He does deserve some protection and praise, but there also seems to be some question about his choice in foreign allies.
Check it out:

The man who blew the whistle on National Security Agency spying on Americans says he’s considering returning home to the U.S. if an amicable agreement with U.S. authorities can be found.

I say we should throw the guy a ticker-tape parade.

I didn’t always feel this way. When the story of Edward Snowden’s revelations first broke, I wondered about his motivations. I worried that he could be jeopardizing some national security secrets – the kind that could cost innocent lives. I even thought what he did was unnecessary because surely all Americans knew by now their government was spying on them in wholly unconstitutional ways.

I now realize I was dead wrong.

Snowden performed an amazing public service.

He opened the eyes of all Americans who just didn’t understand what their government has been doing to them with surveillance by satellite, computer eavesdropping, what we used to call “wiretapping,” which is now done without wires, collecting or sorting through your most private correspondence by email, watching your every move by cameras in the sky and at every street corner.

Personally, I’ve known about all this for decades. Sure it has gotten worse. But I just assumed Americans had eyes and could see what I saw. But until Snowden came along, they were blind to it. They were like sheep being led to a Big Brother slaughter, believing they still had constitutional protections against illegal searches and seizures.



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