The Tea Party Will Live as Long as There is a Country Left to Save

How soon will the gap between conservatives and liberals reach a breaking point?
Check it out:

The Tea Party isn’t dead. It’s nothing more than a fervent desire on the part of the Washington establishment in both parties. The Tea Party is never going to die. The Tea Party’s made up of average, ordinary Americans who are all of a sudden becoming activist because of a combination of they are outraged, insulted, and frightened by what has become of Washington. It’s out of control. The spending, amnesty, everything being contemplated is simply antithetical to the founding of this country.

You know, I spent some time discussing amnesty yesterday. It’s one of those things, some people really revved up about it still. Others get a little bored by it. I mean, it runs the gamut. But I want to remind everybody again — and maybe some of you have arrived at this understanding or conclusion on your own. If so, great. But a lot of people look at amnesty in economic terms, and some cultural, in terms of lack of assimilation. But depending on how you look at it, there’s a second or third aspect to it which is really hideous, which is purely partisan politics, beneficial only to the Democrat Party and no one else.

The Democrat Party believes in the politics of grievance. The Democrat Party and its supporters is a collection of miserable, unhappy malcontents. Now, I’m talking about rank-and-file voters. I’m not talking about the leadership, although I don’t think they’re happy, but at least they’re economically secure, and they have power, and they have leadership. I’m thinking of Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama. I mean, I don’t see them as ebullient. I don’t see them really happy. I don’t think they’re capable of it. Their mind-set is constantly negative and pessimist.



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