The Tea Party is a Mindset

We need conservative leaders who will stand up to liberals.
Check it out:

I want to go back for just a second to this AP story on how nobody cares about who wins the midterms. It’s a predicate, if you will, to deny the Republicans a mandate if they happen to win and win big. The Associated Press is attempting to setup the narrative, “People don’t care the midterms! It really doesn’t matter, and nearly half don’t care who wins or any of that.”

That’s not the point, because this poll is about something we already know, and what we already know is that traditionally voter participation rates in midterm elections are way down when compared to presidential election years. That, in fact, is what was noteworthy about 2010. That turnout was through the roof, and it was through the roof because of the Tea Party — and that even needs to be said.

There is no Tea Party.

You know, the media loooooves to talk about how the Tea Party is dead. There isn’t really a Tea Party. There is no leader. There’s nobody running for the Congress or the Senate on the Tea Party ticket. There is no Tea Party building. It is a mindset. It’s average Americans fed up with professional politicians, and it’s people who oppose runaway government spending, runaway expansion of government.

They’re worried about their kids’ and grandkids’ future financially. They’re worried about freedom and liberty, and they want to maintain the principles that founded the country. But there is no Tea Party per se. But what happened in 2010 was that a lot of people who had never formally organized, did. They had voted, but they’d never formally organized in terms of opposing or supporting something.



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