The Swiss Reject Setting a Minimum Wage

What a concept!
Check it out:

Do you know what the minimum wage in Switzerland is? Anybody in there want to take a guess? What is the minimum wage in Switzerland? There isn’t one. No. No. Zero. There is no minimum wage. (interruption) Yeah. Interesting question. How in the world is anybody employed without a minimum wage? How does anybody live without a minimum wage? How in the world can that be possible? I mean, no minimum wage? How do people live?

So they just had a referendum to establish a minimum wage of $25 an hour. And many people thought, “Well, that’s a slam dunk,” because it’s Switzerland. It bombed. The vast majority of voters in Switzerland rejected a $25 minimum wage in a national referendum. Switzerland, you may not know this because they’ve got this big neutrality thing going, they don’t choose sides. Switzerland is totally free market. Switzerland, the majority rules, as in democracy.

They do not meddle in global affairs under the guise of “humanitarian, liberating, and democracy-spreading.” The don’t do any of that. In other words, as Zero Hedge writes, “If you want a country that respects free markets, believes in listening to the voice of the majority, and is against meddling in global affairs,” move to Switzerland.

“If you want a country controlled by a few academic central-planners with no real world experience, in which the executive usurps power issuing one executive order after another with zero checks and balances, and which will incite a global war if it must with the help of doctored YouTube clips in order to achieve its global national interest, then move… anywhere else.



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