We’re Surrounded by Liberal Corruption

Liberals can’t do anything honestly.
Check it out:

It’s heartless, is what it is. Criminal, whatever, it’s heartless. From the people who claim to have the biggest hearts. From the people that claim to have all the compassion, all the tolerance. One of the Navy SEALs was over there painting a target.

The reason he got killed is because he lasered a targeted, a terrorist target ’cause he thought he was helping a laser-guided bomb from an American-borne airplane fire on the target. And all he did was expose himself and got killed. So they thought that they had some support. These are the guys that ran to the guns. That’s what the brigadier general was talking about.

“You run to the sound of the guns.”

When this all happened, the Regime didn’t assign anybody. You had four rogue military people head over there trying to help the ambassador and whoever was caught in this terrorist attack. One of the things that one of them did was find one of the shooters and light him up with a laser thinking that there was some American around that was gonna then send a bomb or some other kind of ammo at the target he was painting.

All he did was expose his own location and get killed.



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