Sarah Palin: At This Rate, Soldiers Will Have to Trade ‘Fatigues for Mom Jeans’ in Obama’s Military

One can only imagine what Obama would like to do to the military.
Check it out:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted President Barack Obama for his weakness on defense and foreign policy while kicking off the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Thursday evening.

“At this rate that we’re going, this Commander-in-Chief, our soldiers are going to have to exchange their fatigues for mom jeans,” Palin said, according to McClatchy. Palin has previously said that Obama has emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin because Obama is seen as a weak president who wears “mom jeans” and “equivocates and bloviates.” First Lady Michelle Obama may have agreed, because Obama recently admitted that his wife “retired” his mom jeans.

Speaking about the wait-list scandal in the Obama administration, Palin also said on Fox News’s Hannity that some illegal immigrants were getting better health care under Obama than veterans. Palin has previously said it was “un-American” for the Obama administration and Democrats to treat illegal immigrants better than the veterans who have fought to preserve the country’s freedoms.



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