Register Democrat to Avoid an Audit?

Registering democrat sounds like taking the mark of the beast to me. They believe in abortion on demand, big government, and lots of taxes.
Check it out:

It scares a lot of people. You know, it’s amazing when you see support for people being thrown out of whatever they do because of what they say — and I don’t mean Sterling. I’m just talking about average, ordinary people are afraid to tell people what they really think about anything.

They’re afraid somebody’s gonna overhear it and report them to somebody or confront them. Not report, just confront them and get in their face about it. It really is a phenomenon to me that I’m seeing more and more. The easiest way to deal with it is is just shut up. Don’t try to provoke anybody or call attention to yourself.

You know, you might even want to send a $5 donation to the DNC just to get your name on the list if you’re doing it for protection. (interruption) Ah, it’s five bucks. Whoopie do! If you’re doing it for protection — Snerdley’s looking at me like I’m a traitor. I’m just following her line of thought here. You know, a lot of people join the Communist Party for the same reason, just to keep the authorities away from ’em. Karen, thanks much for the call. I appreciate it.



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