Are We Really This Powerless?

Obama has no idea how to use the most powerful military on the planet.
Check it out:

I can’t believe this. We are one of the few people talking about the 300 or more Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, which, when I hear that name I think of A Whiter Shade of Pale, Procol Harum. That’s not who it is. This is a terrorist bunch. Hillary’s State Department refused to designate them a terrorist bunch.

From The Daily Beast: “Hillary’s State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists — Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department repeatedly declined to fully go after the terror group responsible for kidnapping hundreds of girls.” And that means they are what? They’re African. They’re black. It’s a strange article to see in The Daily Beast. You think maybe The Daily Caller or Breitbart, but this is in The Daily Beast.

But why only blame Hillary? Obama could have overruled her, for crying out loud. And if you listen to Obama — you know, he’s here. He’s out here, folks. My travel schedule has been such that I haven’t been affected travel-wise. Have you guys been affected travel-wise? I haven’t, either. But man, it is sickening to read in the media out here what’s going on. It’s just sickening. It’s depressing. It’s another collection of stuff that just doesn’t make sense. The people bending over forwards and backwards to be with this guy, you would think would run as far from him as they could get, and they can’t wait to get close. It just boggles the mind.

Anyway, so we’ve been unaffected by that travel-wise, but it’s been interesting to see how the local constabulary has gotten prepared for the visit of the president. Anyway, he’s outta here today, right? He heads down to San Diego, then up to San Jose. This is a big fundraising swirl, and he’s been given a bunch of awards along the way. I mean, it doesn’t compute, folks. You take a guy who gave the speech he gave in Cairo, the people giving him awards out here last night, none of it makes any sense. You literally go crazy if you spend any time trying to logically understand it. Because there isn’t any logic. It’s just pure, 100% politics and groupie-ism. Rich people willing to pay to be close to power, no matter who holds it.



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