Rand Paul To Filibuster Obama’s ‘Drone Judge’

Everything Obama does should be filibusted.
Check it out:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) may reprise his infamous 2013 anti-drone filibuster Wednesday to fight President Obama’s nomination of David Barron to a federal appeals court, hoping to shine a light on the would-be justice’s position on that same issue.

“The nominee, David Barron, has written a defense of drone executions of American citizens not directly involved in combat,” Paul will say on the Senate floor during a speech Wednesday, according to one excerpt of the remarks provided exclusively to Breitbart News.

“Make no mistake, these memos don’t limit drone executions to one individual these memos become historic precedent for killing citizens abroad,” that excerpt Paul’s office provided to Breitbart News continues. “Some have argued that releasing the memos is sufficient to allow his nomination. This isn’t a debate about transparency. This is a debate about whether or not American citizens not involved in combat are guaranteed due process.”

Other excerpts have surfaced in other reports and have been pushed by publicly by Paul’s office in advisories.



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