I’m not looking forward to the Obama vs. Putin basketball game.
Check it out:

First bare-chested horseback riding and hunting. Then hang-gliding and diving. Now, ice hockey.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest high-profile, athletic event covered by government-run media is the prime-time win of his amateur hockey team, stocked with former Russian puck stars, over a series opponent.

And no doubt, Mr. Putin was named the game’s first star: He scored six goals and dished five assists in his team’s 21-4 win.

Mr. Putin’s image, decked in hockey helmet and gear, interrupted the news hour — just at the point when the coverage had turned to the battle between Russia and neighboring Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Mr. Putin has been a semi-regular on news sporting coverage, making international headlines for previous bare-chested horseback rides that were sometimes used in comparison with President Obama’s sandal-footed vacations.

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