Prince Charles Calls for End of Capitalism to Save the Planet

Sounds like the Queen needs to send the Prince to his room.
Check it out:

Prince Charles, you talk about wasted space on the planet. Man, oh, man, this guy was in London last night during the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism. The Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism, and he proceeded to rip capitalism to shreds, as he understands it. And in the process, what Prince Charles did is confirm something I’ve been saying for 25 years, that modern environmentalism became the modern home of anti-capitalists and communists when the Soviet Union fell. It was one of my updated 35 Truths of Life. Prince Charles comes along and veritably admits this.

First an ally in the anti-capitalist movement, Prince Charles last night in London during the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism. We have two sound bites of the Prince of Wales. Here’s the first.

CHARLES: “The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider, long-term interests and concerns of humanity rather than the other way around. So critically, it would require the incorporation of environmental externalities. We would have to account properly for carbon dioxide emissions, the use of water and fertilizer, the pollution we produce, and the biodiversity we lose. All of these would have to be comprehensively considered in our economic and national decision making because inclusive capitalism cannot be truly inclusive if our dependence on natural capital, the economic invisibility of nature is not also included in our calculation.”

Well, I know it’s a bunch of gobbledygook. Do you want me to try to explain this to you, or is it stand alone entertaining by itself? (interruption) It is. He obviously thinks that he knows more than anybody else, smarter than anybody in the room, and he’s making absolutely no sense.



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