Podesta Helps Obama Play Dictator

Obama won’t be happy no matter how much power he acquires.
Check it out:

Now, if you look at the polling data on global warming (which I just circled back and looked at, the latest Gallup numbers), only 34% of the American people care about it. It’s not a big issue to a lot of people, which is another reason they’re circling back and trying to make it one. It’s a golden oldie for them.

Do you remember…? If you are a Baby Boomer, do you remember growing up with the fear of a nuclear bomb hitting your school? You remember when they taught you how to sit under the desk to protect yourself if the Russians launched a nuclear missile at your school? “Duck and cover.” Remember all of the bomb shelters people were building in their backyards and so forth?

Remember how they scared the hell out of us? Now, that was real. The Russians did indeed have nuclear bombs aimed at us. I’ll never forget… What was her name? Laura Dern was on Donahue one afternoon, literally in hysterics talking about how people just didn’t know what it was like to be a young person growing up with the fear of nuclear holocaust.

Yeah, we do, ’cause now they’ve transferred that to global warming, except it isn’t real. But if you remember how frightened you were about being nuked, we’ll just transfer that to the youths of today in global warming, and that’s exactly how they’re pulling this off, except there’s really nothing to be scared of. The earth is the earth; the climate’s the climate.

The universe is the universe and we are just passing through, and there is not an earthly thing we can do about it. The idea that we’re causing it to change is absurd. So is the idea of fixing what’s not broken anyway. Nobody can prove it is.



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