Pilot on Flight 370: Claiming to Pick up Beacon, but Not Localize is “Highly Unlikely”

It does seem very strange that no debris has turned up. This mystery should have been solved long ago.
Check it out:

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been missing since March 8, 2014. During that time, there has been a lot of reporting on theories and recovery efforts. The Malaysian government has said the flight was hijacked and recently 11 Islamic jihadists were arrested in connection to the plane’s disappearance. So far, no trace of the plane has been found. This past week, I had the opportunity to interview a personal friend of mine, a pilot for a major US Airline for the past 23 years, who also served seven years in the Navy as a pilot. Kent Thelen sat down with me to answer some questions about Flight 370 and about some of the theories and reports we’ve posted here at Freedom Outpost. He told me that from his experience that for there to be claims that those searching have picked up Flight 370’s black box signal, but be unable to localize the signal is “highly unlikely.”

Thelen currently flies the Boeing 767ER category airplanes and has flown around the world, including the specific area that Flight 370 disappeared in. He has also lived on Diego Garcia (affectionately called ‘Dodge’ by military personnel), a small island that many have speculated was used to either house or refuel Flight 370 for transportation to a more secure location. He knows the area well.

Though Kent has flown in a Boeing 777, he has never actually piloted one, but he is very experienced as a captain in the operations of large wide body jets.
When it comes to the issue of the “black boxes” (actually, two orange cylinders – one which is the flight data recorder and the second a cockpit voice recorder) onboard the aircraft, if there had been an explosion they would have survived and had they impacted water, their beacons would have begun emitting a signal, as they are activated by sea water.



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