Pelosi Calls Obamacare Beautiful

Liberals see big government as their masterpiece.
Check it out:

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke about a variety of issues in an interview aired Monday, calling Obamacare “beautiful”, characterizing Republicans as being a “triple threat,” and bragging that she’s one of Washington’s “biggest fundraisers.”

The interview, with’s Ezra Klein, spanned Obamacare, money in politics, the so-called gender wage gap, Benghazi, the controversy over the Washington Redskins team name, slavery reparations, and the recent VA scandal.

Republicans are “anti-governance, they’re anti-science, they’re anti-Obama,” said Pelosi, when asked why the political landscape “seems rough” for Democrats going into the mid-term elections.

“They’re a triple threat,” Pelosi said of the GOP. “They have a trifecta going.”



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