Pathetic State-Run Media Promotes Obama’s Climate Soap Opera Storyline

Time for liberals to repeat their lies and try to frighten people into government control.
Check it out:

Right now on CNN, report: “Climate Change is Here!” It’s amazing. Minimum wage, global warming, income inequality, women don’t get equal pay. I mean, it’s just like clockwork, and this is the daily media soap opera. The script is written in Washington and New York by the Drive-Bys in conjunction with the White House or the liberal leaders of the day.

They run with the agenda and that’s it, and they get everybody on it. You know, if they’re gonna pound people with it, we’re gonna push back. I don’t care if I’m pushing back for 25 years. If they’re going to keep lying, if they’re going to keep trying to use all kinds of subterfuge, I’m gonna push back on it. Let’s go to the audio sound bites.

Here we have a montage of this story that ran in “Obama to Talk Climate with Meteorologists.” (Gasp!) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, “President Obama will speak about climate change on Tuesday,” and maybe already has, “with a number of national and local TV” weather guys, “meteorologists…”

They’ve all got the AMS seal of approval there, which means they paid the entry fee. So they’re all “climate scientists” now, see? All these TV Ken Dolls and Barbie Dolls. I remember the first time I realized what this was all about. I was in Kansas City, and there was some weather babe that station hired. She was the talk of the town, and you know why? ‘Cause she stood at the weather map and as she was…

If you look… You got the map of the whole country behind her, and she’s standing facing you, facing the camera while standing where the East Coast is. The minute she turned to her right to point out something happening in Kansas, her busts covered the whole country. I said, “Wait a minute. She’s gotta move! I can’t see the country. Her breasts are in the way.” So I realized, “Wait a minute, that’s why she’s there.”

Well, you can smirk in there, but I’m telling you. You should have seen it. It’s why she was there. Anyway, that’s who Obama’s talking to today, and so the media’s all excited about this because, you see, “The 2014 National Climate Assessment will be released Tuesday and will be the focus of Obama’s interviews,” and Al “Poop in His Pants” Roker will be among those.



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