One-Tenth of 1% Economic Growth!

We’re lucky that there was even any growth at all with Obama in charge!
Check it out:

One-tenth of 1%. One-tenth of 1%! Let me say it again. One-tenth of 1%. That’s first quarter economic growth, and the Regime is blaming the cold weather. I thought it was supposed to be global warming. That was the reason for the cold weather. Now the cold weather, which, because of global warming, is what the Regime is using to explain economic growth. One-tenth of 1%.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ChiComs have overtaken us. The ChiComs are the world’s biggest economy, a communist country. I warned everybody about this March the 4th of last year, this McKinsey & Company study, report that chronicled the ChiCom population purchase of luxury cars outpacing the sale of luxury cars in America, even a year ago. One-tenth of 1%.

And you want to hear something else? This is a real clincher. If it weren’t for the government spending on Obamacare, economic growth would have been negative. Meaning there isn’t any private sector economic activity. And I guess we can understand that. Of course the American economy has stopped growing, because all of our citizens are busy online barking about who said what, who can say what, who can’t say what, and applauding the hammer being dropped by the NBA commissioner on Sterling. One of the stories I had from yesterday that I didn’t get to, 20% of American families don’t have anybody in them employed, 20%! You add to that the 93 million Americans not working.



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