Obama Values Assets at $1.8M-$7M

This is rather fishy.
Check it out:

CALLER: Hey, what do you think about Obama claiming assets between $1.8 and seven million there?

RUSH: I think it’s a pretty big range in which you can make things up.

CALLER: It sure is. I’ll tell you another thing, to me, as an outside observer, it kind of looks like that whole idea of redistribution of wealth is kind of working out in his favor there, sister.

RUSH: Why, are you thinking he doesn’t do enough to earn between $1.8 and seven million? These are assets now, this is not annual earnings, this is total, this is what’s in the portfolio. He earned a lot of money writing books or — yeah, writing books.

CALLER: Well, maybe I could go a different direction with that. Maybe we should be looking at it as American citizens we, the people, celebrating our first south side of Chicago community organizer millionaire.

RUSH: Well, no, that would be Bill what’s his name, the anti-war protester, Bill Ayers. That guy’s a millionaire, gotta be a multiple millionaire. Has to be. They all are. The people out on the streets aren’t, but the leaders, they’re all sitting there with — maybe not millionaires, but they’ve got all kinds of money.



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