Not that I support much of what Obama does, but I do hate it when reporters don’t stay on topic. So I can respect him not answering the question at the science fair. Though you can understand reporters getting frustrated since they never get any answers.
Check it out:

President Obama is often referred to by his fawning media as one “cool customer.” At a recent press event, he must have forgotten how “cool” he was supposed to be – because he snapped when asked a simple (but important) question by a reporter covering the event.

President Obama lost his cool with Alexis Simendinger, a reporter with Real Clear Politics, when she asked him about reports of the US sending people in to help train the rebels in Syria. He responded to her question with a glare and then saying “I’m sorry, we’re doing a science fair- c’mon, c’mon,” before he stomped off like some kind of petulant child.



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