More lies to gain more government control.
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I want to pick up with one subject we left off yesterday. Obama, as you know, appeared with a whole bunch of TV meteorologists about climate change, about the new White House report on global warming. By the way, there’s a new term now. Global warming is out. Climate change is out. The new one is climate disruption. Well, climate change, they can’t get anywhere near a majority of people caring about this. The economy remains everybody’s number one concern. So climate disruption is the next catchphrase that they’re gonna use in trying to persuade people. We have some sound bites of Obama being interviewed by these TV weather people.

We got one sound bite from CNN, and it’s Jake Tapper speaking to one of their correspondents, Tom Foreman, about the White House National Climate Assessment report that was released yesterday. Jake Tapper says, “Let’s look at the future, Tom, let’s look at the year 2100. What is the report saying will happen if we do something or if we do nothing?”

Now, stop and think. We are in 2014. The White House has a report telling us what’s going to be the weather in 86 years. Now, I want to ask you, if you turn on your local news affiliate, your favorite local Eyeball News affiliate and the local weather guy comes on and seriously gives you a weather forecast for 86 years from now, are you going to believe it? If he gives you a forecast, I mean an explicit, definitive, with the high temperature, the low temperature, percentage chance of rain, whatever, next year, same day next year, are you going to believe it? Not seasonal averages. If he tells you exactly what it’s gonna be, no way you’re gonna believe it.

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