Obama Lover Accidentally Endorses Republican Ideas On Meet The Press

It is amazing when someone who thinks they are liberal realizes how much they hate big government.
Check it out:

On Meet The Press, musician and major Obama supporter Will.I.Am appeared as a guest and inadvertently endorsed conservative, small government ideas, much to the delight, and use, of Representative Jason Chaffetz.

So instead of waiting for government, he took the money he earned in the free market and successfully invested it back into his community. He laments that it’s too hard for an entrepreneur to start up in America versus other countries, an apparently unintentional observation about government intrusion in the market.

Chaffetz handles it perfectly, pointing out exactly how Republicans want to solve these problems by getting government out of the way. Such a simple and obvious thing. It’s truly remarkable it’s such a contentious point of view. Left to their own discovery, people naturally assume this point of view. Because it is what makes sense.



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