Obama the Jihadist

Obama has done more to help Jihadists than any other person in the world.
Check it out:

Benghazi was back in the news last week. After years of legal battles, a private group was able to accomplish what Congress was unable or unwilling to do. As a result of a FOIA lawsuit, Judicial Watch was able to obtain copies of emails showing Senior White House National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes had altered Benghazi talking points. After years of lobbying by conservative groups, the spineless Speaker John Boehner finally agreed to appoint a select committee with more power to pursue the investigation into the Benghazi cover up. Perhaps he has finally realized that the administration has been lying and stonewalling.

Many suspect that the administration deliberately covered up the terrorist assault for political gain shortly before the election. I suspect more subversive motives that are only a part of an extensive jihadist strategy. Let us start by considering the results of Obama’s Middle East policy. He supported Islamic jihadists in overthrowing Qaddafi in Libya. Libya is now a terrorist state. He supported the so called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, which resulted in a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist state in Egypt. When the people of Egypt rose up to overthrow this oppressive government, Obama continued to voice support for the jihadists. Then, Obama tried to involve us in a Syrian conflict in support of “rebels” who are primarily led by Al Qaeda. In fact, prior to his death, Ambassador Stevens was being used by the administration to supply arms to the Al Qaeda forces in Syria. When it comes to Iran, Obama has done nothing to prevent that terrorist state from developing nuclear capability. There is evidence that the White House has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization. In summary, the Obama Middle East policy has been to assist Islamic terrorists where ever they can.



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