Obama Golfs with Bain Lobbyist

Is Obama selling golf trips?
Check it out:

After assailing Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital for much of the 2012 presidential campaign, President Barack Obama golfed last Saturday with a Bain lobbyist.

According to Politico, Obama golfed with Joe O’Neill, described as “a veteran Democratic lobbyist” who “lobbies on tax reform issues for Bain.”

In 2012, Obama used Bain to vilify Romney and, as Politico noted, a former millworker in a campaign ad said Bain was “a vampire” that destroyed his life.

In 2008, Obama ran against lobbyists and vowed to end the “revolving door” between government and K Street but has granted plenty of waivers to go around his White House’s “self-imposed ban.” His own White House visitor’s logs have proven that Obama has been the “hypocrite in chief” on his sanctimony regarding influence peddling.

An Obama 2008 campaign brochure stated, “The Bush Administration has turned our government into a game only the lobbyists and special interests can afford to play. The evidence of the Bush Administration and its cronies manipulating public policy for private gain is staggering.”



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