Obama: Democrats Will ‘Absolutely’ Win Back House

Obama must be on crack. Nobody on the planet thinks this. Heck, lots of places have the GOP picking up seats in the house. And the GOP has a great shot to take the senate, with lots of legislatures also looking good for GOP takeovers.
Check it out:

President Obama “absolutely” believes that Democrats will win back the House this year, despite most polls showing that Republicans are nearly certain to retain the lower chamber, the White House said Thursday.

When asked why the president was so confident, White House spokesman Josh Earnest replied, “On issue after issue either a plurality or a majority of Americans side with Democrats.”

“The issues are on the side of Democrats in this election,” Earnest claimed during a briefing with reporters Thursday in California, where Obama is raising money for the Democratic Party.

And the president Thursday made it sound as if Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would soon return to her former top post in the House.



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