Obama condemns botched Oklahoma execution saying it was not done in a humane way

A nice thick rope around the neck works great and can be used again. Liberals can even botch a government execution.
Check it out:

Stephanie Neiman, 19 years old, did not ask to be shot then buried alive.

I think a certain amount of pain associated with the execution might help as a deterrent.

Think about it, some guy(s) rapes your wife or sister or a pedophile gets hold of your little boy… I want some hard justice for these sick bastards!

Before you get all high and mighty, look at it from the victims’ families point of view. Not only that, but look at the current prison population. Doesn’t seem like prison is much of a deterrent or is “rehabilitating” these scumbags all that much.

Oh and by the way, Lockett, the scumbag that murdered Stephanie Neiman was also convicted of raping and killing an 11 month old girl.



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