The NFL Relaxes Pot Rules

Just what these athletes need, more drugs…..
Check it out:

Players for the longest time have been asking for the relaxation of these strident restrictions because they say smoking pot is much more effective in dealing with pain than some of the other things that they’re given and use. And it’s one of the best ways to get the body ready to go for next Sunday. “The new NFL substance-abuse policy will reduce the penalty for positive marijuana tests and will make it easier for players to pass urinalysis screenings by increasing the amount of chemicals in the system that would trigger a positive result,” according to ESPN.

“The report comes on the heels of word that Josh Gordon, the league’s leading receiver, popped positive again for marijuana. A repeat offender, Gordon faces a year’s suspension. The new policy would not cover old infractions,” such as this guy. This guy plays for the Browns. So he’s not gonna get out of it. (interruption) Well, everybody’s asking, “What if he played for Denver or Seattle, because the state of Washington and Colorado, pot’s legal.

Well, I think if you’re the visiting team, let’s say the St. Louis Rams go into Denver, I don’t think that you can just hop over to the marijuana store and buy some. You have to be a resident. You’ve gotta show an ID card. You have to show a driver’s license or some sort of ID proving you live in Colorado before they can sell it to you. Is that not right? (interruption) Is that right? (interruption) They got who coming in to do it? Tourists? (interruption) Well, then I am misinformed, because I thought during the football season last year this happened during the playoffs.



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