What You Need to Know About Michael Sam

Why does this continue to be such a big deal? When does it end? With the first polygamist player? The first pedophilier player? Somehow it doesn’t seem like it will end.
Check it out:

USA Today says that the St. Louis Rams drafting Michael Sam could impact the law in Missouri. It’s raised, they say, “some deeper issues about openly gay athletes in sports and in the workplace in general. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) posted on Twitter: ‘Michael Sam could still be fired for just being gay according to MO law. Let’s fix that in Jeffcity.'” That’s the tweet. That’s the state capital.

“The board president of the LGBT Community Center of Metropolitan St. Louis, Dara Strickland, is also a family law attorney. She says an individual can be refused employment because of their sexual orientation under current state law. ‘You can apply for a job in Missouri at least, and there’s no protection for being asked, “By the way, are you gay?” and being explicitly told, “You know, we don’t hire gay people.” You can be fired for being gay, lesbian or transgender,’ she said. The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act or MONA would extend the existing Missouri Human Rights Statute to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories.”

So, according to Claire McCaskill, the Rams could still fire Michael Sam, i.e., cut him, just for being gay. She says that’s the law in Missouri, and since he’s been chosen, we can’t allow that to happen. We’ve got to change the law. So that law will be changed. And Michael Sam’s not gonna be cut. That’s my next prediction. By the way, Obama congratulated Michael Sam from the White House, which surprises me. (interruption) What? It surprises me deeply that Obama would congratulate Michael Sam. Let me tell you why in a minute.

“President Obama congratulated Michael Sam today –” this, again, from a couple days ago — “– after he made history as the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL when he was picked by the St. Louis Rams, the White House said. ‘The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey.'”



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