Must Watch: ESPN Steven A. Smith Defend Mark Cuban and Promote American Dream

Will ESPN fire him for doing the right thing?
Check it out:

The race tide is turning.

Responding to attacks from his comments supporting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, ESPN sports commentator Steven A. Smith gave a passionate critique of the black community and used his life story as an example of the American dream.

Smith was subjected to a significant amount of criticism from some blacks when he said he defended Cuban’s comments on prejudice.

In addition to not backing down to social pressure, Smith used the incident to criticize blacks that expect success without having basic education and communication skills.

“When I talk about not having a command of the English language, and still you want a job, and you want to have a career, but you don’t want to get your education, you don’t want to go out there and pound that pavement. Everything’s about the sprint, it’s not about the marathon, it’s not about you putting forth the necessary effort and due diligence over the long haul to get the thing you need. That’s a reality in our community.”



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