Mission Accomplished: Libya Now “Scumbag Woodstock”

Obama has been the best thing for al-Qaeda ever.
Check it out:

The kinetic action murder of 30,000 Libyans and the brutal assassination of the country’s leader by the United States and NATO produced a political vacuum in Libya now occupied by al-Qaeda affiliates.

“One U.S. military contractor working on counter-terrorism in Africa summed up the situation in Libya today as simply, ‘Scumbag Woodstock.’ The country has attracted that star-studded roster of notorious terrorists and fanatics seeking to wage war on the West,” writes Eli Lake for Newsweek’s Daily Beast.

The situation in Libya is a repeat of Iraq. “AQI [Al-Qaeda in Iraq] in 2013 is an extremely vigorous, resilient, and capable organization that can operate from Basra to coastal Syria,” writes Jessica D. Lewis for the Institute for the Study of War, a neocon think tank.

Another “Scumbag Woodstock” exists in Syria. According to the establishment media, the externally generated civil war in that country represents a magnet for jihadists who will, FBI Director James B. Comey warned last week, soon arrive in America to carry out terror attacks. This is the same sort of hysterical fear-mongering Americans have endured since 9/11.



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