Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate Kodiak Bear Hunt

Even a heavy metal legend can have some good conservative fun.
Check it out:

For bear hunters, few places in the world are more revered than Alaska’s Kodiak Island. Home to some of the world’s largest brown bears, hunters here must brave the elements and face the danger of one of the most powerful predators on earth. History announced on Monday that it will be premiering an eight-episode series documenting hunts on Kodiak Island, narrated by none other than Metallica’s lead vocalist James Hetfield.

The songwriter behind the heavy metal band may seem like a strange choice for the role, but Hetfield describes himself as an enthusiastic outdoorsman with a passion for hunting. The documentary, The Hunt, will follow a group of hunters as they travel across the Kodiak Archipelago in search of a quarry that can stand well over 10 feet tall and weigh beyond 1,500 pounds. Kodiak bears are considered the largest land predators in the world, although the majority of the meat in their diet is comprised of fish. Experts believe the subspecies evolved independently on the archipelago after the first brown bears arrived 12,000 years ago. The population on Kodiak Island is currently at a historic high with over 3,500 individuals—that adds up to about one bear per square mile.



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