Media Knew the Truth About Obamacare

The point was to get Obama reelected.
Check it out:

AT&T, all along, has been saying that Obamacare was gonna cost them over $1 billion a year, and this is how they are going to get out of that, in part. So the Kaiser report here is a warning story. “Ah, ah! Heads up! Warning! Guess what? Your employer is even now thinking about doing this.” Well, of course your employer is!

Your employer’s known about it for the longest time, just like everybody else has. We had a call. The guy couldn’t go on the air. He was afraid to go on the air. He was afraid he would be recognized. He told Snerdley his name. He’s a health care consultant. What did he say, 15 companies that he’s consulting? (interruption) Yeah. (interruption) Oh, okay. He’s a health care consultant.

In other words, he advises companies on how to best do health care, the most affordable pricing with the least expense involved and so forth. He said that so far he’s consulting 15 different companies/corporations who are gonna offload all their employees. He’s also advising them on the 30-hour workweek and what that will mean for them (i.e., part-timers don’t have to get covered at all).

That’s before January of next year. He told Snerdley that up next, the multinational corporations are wanting to know what elements of Obamacare legally impact them. The bottom line here is that there are gonna be millions of people who are not expecting it who are gonna get notices probably after the election. I guess the notices will go out probably the day after the election, the week after, or maybe two weeks after.

They’ll be warning them that in the coming months and on the first of the year, their health care will be transferred from the company to or some exchange. The employees are gonna get these notices from their companies, look at it, and they’re gonna panic because they’re gonna have heard all the horror stories of Obamacare, the exchanges, and all that. That’s gonna affect most of the people in the country.



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