The Meaning of Memorial Day

It is amazing how many people confuse Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. The difference is easy: Veteran’s Day is for the living, Memorial Day is for those who have passed.
Check it out:

The point here is that World War II and D-Day particularly, these are crucially important events in American history and we’re reaching a point in our evolution where more and more people are not gonna have — it’s not knowledge of it, but any appreciation. That has to be taught. That has to be imparted.

Now, when your parents live through something like that, it’s easy for young people to grow up learning about it because parents impart it, teach it, inform. But when you’re young and the people you know have no direct contact with something like that, then it requires a much more studious effort. And the effort, sadly, is not being taken. So we’ve reached a point in our country’s evolution where a lot of young people — stop and think. Somebody that’s 18, 21 years old — throw away the first six or seven years. Let’s say they start paying attention at age eight or nine. What is their experience? Their experience is Bush was rotten. Bush was Hitler. Iraq was wrong. America’s military is a bunch of terrorists. The United States is destroying the planet with global warming and our advanced lifestyle and our SUVs. Major corporations are the scourge of the earth, killing their own customers, poisoning their own customers.

I mean, it’s just a litany, a never-ending litany of negative after negative after negative what a rotten place this country is. That’s all they’ve heard in the media that they’ve had, in the education that they’ve had. That’s it. They don’t know of an America victorious in war, beating back giant powers who had grand designs on dominating and destroying this country. They have no knowledge of that. They don’t have the experience of living through it and feeling the triumph. This is one of the reasons why I’ve written these books, by the way, for children, is to try get the truth of the founding. The Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans is just a little effort to have young people have some alternative view of the greatness, the uniqueness, the specialness of this country.

Memorial Day is one of these days, it’s been for a long time, people don’t know what it really is all about, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just part of natural human evolution. It takes effort, a concerted effort to teach people things that they can’t relate to ’cause they weren’t alive when they happened.



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