Massive Explosion in Qazvin, Iran May Have Nuclear Origins

A bit more of a military response than you would get for a factory explosion.
Check it out:

Iranian state-media is reporting the explosion of a ‘wood and oil’ factory in Qazvin, Iran, resulting in an estimated 50 casualties.

Police have reportedly closed off all roads within a 2km radius of the area surrounding the facility. Local media reports noted the skies above Qazvin have filled with dense smoke cover. Other outlets are reporting that a military presence has moved into the area.

Mehr News Agency reported the fire is threatening to ignite an 18,000 liter oil storage tank. Mehr said firefighters are working on containing the “out of control blaze.”

Local Governor Saeed MIrbaha has largely contradicted the earlier reports, saying there were no deaths in the blast, but local emergency services were on scene to try and contain the blaze.

Many suspect Iran houses a secret nuclear enrichment facility in close proximity to Qazvin. According to the 2009 report, a local opposition group said in a press conference at the Iran Policy Committee in Washington that Iran was secretly building an underground uranium enrichment facility “deep inside mountains between Abyek and Qazvin.” An Iranian opposition leader said at the time, “So far the regime has spent 100 million dollars on the project.”



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