#MarineHeldinMexico: Marine tells Greta, ‘3 guns, man equals prison’

If Obama wasn’t such a wimp, things like this wouldn’t even be a possibility.
Check it out:

A U.S. Marine who has spent nearly two months in a Mexican prison following his arrest for mistakenly crossing the border with registered guns in his pickup truck has spoken exclusively about the case to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi spoke to Van Susteren by phone from prison Wednesday evening. He had spent part of the morning at a court hearing. Earlier in the day, Tahmooressi fired his attorney Alejandro Osuna, who had earlier advised Tahmooressi to claim that he had never been to Tijuana.

Tahmooressi was arrested March 31 at the San Ysidro checkpoint, where he realized that he was about to enter Mexico with his weapons after taking a wrong turn. He claims that he acknowledged that he had weapons in the car and told officials at the checkpoint that he had no intention of entering Mexico. He described what happened next to Van Susteren.

“[A Mexican border guard] got on the walkie-talkie and was communicating what was going on,” Tahmooressi said. “I think what he said was, ‘Hey we’ve got a guy down here with three guns.'”

That message brought a Mexican Marine to the scene.



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