The Navy SEALS should be ready to go in if he is not released.
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The Marine jailed in Mexico since mistakenly crossing the border with registered guns in his pickup two months ago was scheduled to appear in a federal courthouse in Tijuana Wednesday morning, where his mother told him in an emotional early morning phone call to stay calm and tell the truth.

The media will be barred from the courtroom where Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was set to appear, but already, a flurry of activity was taking place in front of the Paseo de Los Heroes building. A man who identified himself as a U.S. State Department official rushed past reporters and headed into the building a half-hour before the appearance, but did not say what his business was.

Tahmooressi was to be taken from the prison in El Hongo to the courthouse, but was permitted to speak to his mother,Jill Tahmooressi, by phone prior to his departure. She told Fox News her advice to the Marine who served two tours in Afghanistan was to stay positive and tell the truth.

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