Louisiana Tea Party candidate wrestles an alligator in first ad

When liberals are making fun of your ad it must be great.
TEA party candidates are having some great ads this year.
Check it out:

Tea Party candidate Rob Maness wrestles an alligator in his first ads of the Louisiana Senate race, pledging to “stand up to the career politicians — and the alligators.”

The former Air Force colonel, one of three Republicans challenging Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) this cycle, launched radio and television ads on Thursday that feature the wily reptiles that populate the Louisiana swamps.

“Here in Louisiana you learn to be tough,” Maness declares in the television ad, as alligators bare their teeth. “One moment of weakness and the alligators could eat you alive.”

Maness pledges to “stand up to the big spenders,” push for ObamaCare repeal and protect gun rights, each punctuated by an alligator chomp. The ad closes with Maness taping an alligator’s mouth shut as he tells the audience he approved the message “because Louisiana needs a senator that’s going to stand up to the career politicians — and the alligators.”

His radio ad hits all the same notes, again punctuated by an alligator’s chomp, and a narrator dubs Maness “tough enough to take on President Obama and Harry Reid in the D.C. swamps.”



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