Look Who’s Defending Washington Cronyism

Liberals love moving money around.
Check it out:

Supporters of one of Washington’s prime examples of cronyism, the Export-Import Bank, are rolling out the dollars and surveys to make the case that the bank is the “good kind” of corporate welfare (Is there such a thing?). But the sugar-coated rhetoric and selective numbers don’t make a convincing case.

In a release publicizing its study in support of Ex-Im, the American Action Forum says the reforms it calls for will “better protect taxpayers while minimizing market distortions.”

“Better protect taxpayers”? We should protect taxpayers, period, by getting them off the hook for subsidizing Ex-Im loans.

“Minimize market distortions”? We should get rid of government-induced distortions, period, by getting rid of a government program that picks winners and losers.

If taxpayers have to be protected and markets are being distorted, there is clearly a problem.



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