Like Junk Science on the Climate, Saturated-Fat Fearmongering Has Been Exposed as Baseless

Seems that most of these things are done to generate headlines.
Check it out:

How many of you believe that eating eggs and mayonnaise and steak and other high fat foods is a no-no, shouldn’t do it. It’s gonna lead to obesity — fat, if you’re in Rio Linda. It’s gonna lead to cholesterol. It’s gonna lead to clogged arteries. It’s gonna lead to your death, prematurely. You shouldn’t get anywhere near it. How many of you believe it? I would venture to say almost everybody believes it, even the people who eat the stuff and they’re willing to take the risk. I think probably everybody simple because this has been told to us for a hundred years, or whatever is our entire lives. We’ve all been told that that stuff is just, “Aw, gee, you don’t want it.”

I once had it described to me when I was having some fried chicken, pan gravy, “You know, that’s the stuff when they do bypass surgery, that’s the stuff that they have to clean out of the arteries.” I mean people believe this stuff. It’s been a 50-year effort to get people to stop eating meat, eggs, and whole fat dairy. And do you know, an entire multiple billion-dollar industry has developed around it. And do you know there is one person responsible? Just like one person is responsible for all the deaths of malaria because we can’t use DDT, the idiot Rachel Carson, there’s one person responsible for this. The person’s name is Ancel Keys

This is from the Wall Street Journal. It is a long article and I’m just gonna give you the nut of it. There is NO evidence — capital N, capital O; zilch, zero, nada, none, doesn’t exist, evidence — that high-fat diets or high-fat anything leads to heart disease. NO evidence. Once again we have been lied to for decades, in this case by a single scientist who for some reason, what he said was popular with some who picked it up, and I will go out on a limb and say that it may not have been at the outset, but this has been turned into a political issue, because everything is.

Now, you might say, “Aw, come on, Rush. Look, I love you, but what do you mean? What’s politics about telling people not to eat mayonnaise and eggs?” Health care is what’s politics about it. The fact that you don’t know what’s good for you is what’s politics about it. The fact that you need an FDA or some other government agency telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat because you’re not bright enough to know what’s good for you or not, that’s what’s politics about it.



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