Liberals Think Boko Haram Terrorists are Victims of Oppression by the Nigerian Government

Obama has zero clue what to do on the world stage.
Check it out:

The Nigerian officials say that the Boko Haram leader, Shekau, is dead. “Three weeks after hundreds of teenage girls were abducted while taking exams, it remains unclear how many girls were taken, who they are, who did it, at what time, and exactly how.”

This story, I tell you, we spent a lot of time on this story yesterday, and the upshot of it was that Hillary and Obama and Kerry, the State Department, the United States government, is blaming the Nigerian government for this and that the purpose of the hashtag is to bring pressure on the Nigerian government.

It’s a Christian government. Remember, now, American leftists believe — and, by the way, this same theory holds on the release of these 36,000 really cutthroat prisoners that Obama has just okayed. This is a federal sanctioned prison break! And it’s the same ideological thinking that allows or rather dictates that Obama let 36,000 illegals out of jail. It’s the same ideological thinking that triumphs here in the Boko Haram story.

The Regime and leftists around the world believe that militant Islam is not militant because it is militant. It’s been made militant by the United States and our policies in the Middle East, the Christian government of Nigerian, basically governments oppressing these poor people mired in poverty, and they are reacting with violent outbursts. That’s the justification, the explanation for militant Islam, jihad, and groups like Al-Qaeda.



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