Do Liberals Believe What They Say?

Some liberals are naive enough to not understand how the world works.
Check it out:

When you are going to posit the opinion, put forth the opinion liberals don’t really believe what they believe, that’s dangerous.

Because it makes them sound not quite as… Let’s put it this way: It makes them sound a little bit more harmless than they are, and I don’t think it’s accurate to say they don’t believe it. Now, I understand with certain levels of liberalism, you’ve got the low-information. I think the low-information voting bloc out there is not even ideological. The low-information, they’re just like one of my dogs.

They’re just happily running around absorbing what happens with their mouths open all the time and their tongues hanging out — and whatever happens, happens, and that’s it. You’ve got another level that thinks they know it all. The more they’ve been educated, the more arrogant they become about it. You’ve got the fascists on the left. They’re the ones who spearhead the effort to silence any opposition, and why do they silence the opposition?

This goes to her theory. Well, if you’ll really confident about what you believe, you don’t care whether people disagree with you. If you’re really confident, you’ll take ’em on; you’ll be happy to discuss things with ’em. The left is not eager to do that. It’s not, I think, in a majority case, because they really don’t believe it. I think it stems more from an attitude of superiority than inferiority.

I think a vast majority of them just think they’re better. What they believe “is,” and there isn’t any alternative to it. Life’s easier that way if you don’t have to debate. Again, depending the age, look at what they’ve experienced growing up and what they’ve been taught and what they’ve been exposed to. But the reason I was hesitant is because I think it’s dangerous to assume that they don’t really believe it.

Believe what? “The most important thing to tackle that they believe is?” Well, it’s hard to categorize one thing, but these are not people that believe in freedom. They may think they believe in it, but they don’t. They’re totally opposed to it. They are all for the massive use of government force to make sure people conform. That’s dangerous. That’s not something that’s just lack of confidence, although it may be an ingredient.

But I think of people who don’t really believe what they believe as being ripe for persuasion. These people aren’t. They are far more dangerous than just people who are not confident about what they believe. That’s why I constantly, you know, pound this desk hoping that people will learn what people’s ideology means in terms of defining them, telling people who liberals are.

If more and more people understood what a liberal is, more people would have known what Obama was gonna do. It’s just an oft-told lament of mine, and it remains one of the primary objectives here, is to ramp up the number of people who know. ‘Cause, I’m telling you: Everything the left does is political. Everything. Everything they do is rooted in their ideology. Everything.



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