The Left Takes Another Human Tragedy and Converts It Into a Political Issue

Liberals never take the blame for the monsters they create.
Check it out:

The kid in Santa Barbara, Isla Vista. Everything that has happened since is utterly predictable. Everybody on the left is taking another real human tragedy and converting it into a political issue, the purpose of which is to advance their political agenda, in this case: get rid of the Second Amendment and confiscate everybody’s guns. And they’re all out in unison.

They’re trying to make the case that this is another instance where — never mind that the first three deaths were by machete. Maybe not the first three, but never mind that guns were not used for all of the deaths. We still gotta get guns out of the hands of people. If you do that, this would never have happened.

Now, I know as much about this as you do, maybe less, actually, than you do ’cause I’ve not been absorbed with it because I think I understand it. What could go wrong here. You’ve got an estranged mother and dad. The dad produces oddball movies like The Hunger Games and as a side hobby takes photos of nude women’s bare rear ends in exotic locales around the country. (interruption) Yeah, you didn’t know that? You didn’t know that? Well, they’re in art galleries. This guy takes black and white, for the most part artsy, photos of nude women from the rear focusing on their butts. One’s in front of the Taj Mahal in the pool. They’re all over the place. That’s his art, the guy’s father.

The kid was in therapy since age eight. What did the kid believe? He believed that everybody was getting some. He believed that everybody was just having a life of pure, total hedonism. He believed that everybody was telling the truth about all the fun they were having. He believed that he was missing out on everything, and that everybody he knew, everybody else was just getting the most out of life that they could. They weren’t really having to work very hard, everything was playtime, everything was drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. And then some more sex. And after that some more sex and throw in a little more rock ‘n’ roll, and he wasn’t getting any.



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