Lawmakers Grill VA Secretary

Better get used to it, this is what government run health care looks like.
Check it out:

Lawmakers accused Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki of failing to act on repeated warnings about problems with the veterans health care system, as the embattled secretary vowed to take “all actions necessary” to fix the problems during a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill.

“Any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell,” Shinseki said Thursday.

He addressed lawmakers in his first testimony on Capitol Hill since allegations that delayed health care led to patient deaths were made public. Early in the hearing, he faced heated bipartisan criticism that his department is falling down on its vital obligation to care for America’s veterans.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. — who represents the state where the scandal broke — said the problems have created a “crisis of confidence.”

“We should all be ashamed,” said McCain, a Vietnam veteran.



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