Large-scale water use in California may cause earthquakes

Guess all those liberals on the left coast will have to quit drinking water.
Check it out:

Depletion of groundwater in California’s Central Valley for agriculture and other uses could be contributing to an increase in small earthquakes along the famed San Andreas fault, a scientific study published on Wednesday said.

But the phenomenon is not believed to lead to an increased risk of large earthquakes, said Western Washington University geology professor Colin Amos, the study’s lead author.

The study, which came out on Wednesday in the journal Nature, focused especially on the heavily irrigated San Joaquin Valley, an agricultural region at the southern end of the state’s Central Valley.

It looked at the previously-studied rate of groundwater depletion for human use, which represents an amount of water roughly equal to Lake Tahoe, and the resulting sinking of lowland areas and the related rise in height of mountains.



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