‘Knockout game’ punk chased down by victim’s friend, Dreadlock Torn From Scalp

Gotta love it when thugs get what they deserve.
Check it out:

Some may feel that New Yorker Ibrahim King, 36, got what he deserved after he thought it would be “funny” to punch a totally unsuspected 21-year-old girl in the face in an apparent bout of the loathsome “knockout game.” After he punched the girl without warning he was chased down, slammed around, had his dreadlock pulled out of his scalp and forced to apologize by a bystander. Then he was arrested!

The girl’s nose and orbital bone were fractured by the assault.

This disgusting crime has one thing in common: They are nearly universally perpetrated by blacks against whites. Yes there have been a very few stories of whites being the perp, but those stories are about one percent of the total.



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