Kimmel Can’t Find One Gluten-Free Person Who Knows What Gluten Is

This is hilarious. People just go along with the fads of the day.
Check it out:

While a small number of people have a serious (and real) condition known as celiac disease, most people telling their servers they can’t eat gluten are on a fad diet. Or, as Jimmy Kimmel put it: “A lot of people don’t eat gluten because somebody in their yoga class told them not to.”

On Monday night’s show, Kimmel set out to find gluten-free people to see if they knew what it was they weren’t eating. “Gluten, in case you didn’t know, is a mixture of two proteins found in wheat,” Kimmel said, admitting he hadn’t known either. “But here in L.A. it’s comparable to Satanism.”

Kimmel found four people, none of whom were able to give an adequate definition of the compound. “It’s pretty sad, because I don’t know,” one man said. Others attempted definitions, but usually didn’t get much farther than “wheat” that’s in “bread.”



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