Harry Reid Displays Danger Signs

Reid is pretty insane.
Check it out:

Can I make another observation? We’re told that we need to get sensitive and we need to start recognizing the traits in people like Elliot Rodger so that we can maybe stop them before they act. We’ve gotta become more vigilant. We’ve got to see the signs — and then when we see the signs, we have to be willing to act on the signs that we are seeing, the telltale signs that we might be dealing to somebody unbalanced, capable of mass murder and violence.

We must take steps, as a society and as a culture, to stop this. Well, I’m gonna tell you somebody we need to keep a sharp eye on. This is what the left is telling us, and I think somebody needs to put Harry Reid in a safe and secure place. This obsession that he has with the Koch brothers very much scares me, this irrationality that Harry Reid has with the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers responsible are for global warming?

The Koch brothers are responsible for everything wrong in politics? The Koch brothers are responsible for everything bad? The man has the Koch brothers on the brain. This man, Harry Reid, hates and resents the Koch brothers every bit as much as Elliot Rodger hated women. I see the signs. I see the irrationality. I see the red flags. The danger signs are clear as a bell with Harry Reid. Somebody needs to do something.



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