Gowdy Shames the Media with Unasked Benghazi Questions

Maybe we’ll finally get to the bottom of this gun running operation.
Check it out:

Now Trey Gowdy, these questions, this little sound bite, it was actually one sound bite of about three and a half minutes. I didn’t want to play it front to back solid three, although it’s powerful that way, but actually Trey Gowdy asked these questions last October. The exact date was October 30th on Capitol Hill during a press conference on Benghazi. This is long before anybody knew there was gonna be a select committee, and thus long before Trey Gowdy knew or anybody else knew that Trey Gowdy was gonna be the chairman of the select committee. And it’s kind of hard to believe that this recitation of questions he asks took until last week to get noticed. But it did.

So we’ve taken the full sound bite, which was three and a half minutes, and we have converted it here into five sound bites. I told Cookie and Cookie Jr. to just give me the questions, take the extraneous stuff out of it, so bam, bam, bam, question, question, question. So that’s what has happened. So I can’t play these back-to-back because it’s not gonna sound continuous that way, the way we’ve cut it up. So here is the first of five bites. He’s got a bunch of House Republicans standing behind him at the press conference, and the audience is the media. They clearly weren’t interested. They had to show up because they had to show up.

But he knew that in the audience were several media members.



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