Global Warming Hoaxers to Traumatized Kids: Cure Climate Anxiety with Activism

How sad is it that people actually fall for this?
Check it out:

Let us review how the left has attempted to corral people to agree with them and sweep them up into this political movement that’s called climate change. It used to be called global warming, and then when the warming stopped they had to change the term. The main technique that they’ve used is fear combined with guilt, and it has worked well. They have approached people, not directly, but in the form of just everyday news stories, blog posts, movies, cartoon shows, television shows.

The idea is that humanity’s destroying the planet, and not just any humanity, but highly advanced, economically highly advanced humanity is destroying the planet, primarily the United States. Capitalism, where people’s progress, economic progress, is destructive to the planet. This has been the message. We’re destroying it, greenhouse gases, with the giant cars and trucks that we drive and all the airplanes that we’re flying and all the miles we’re flying and all the fossil fuels that we’re burning. We’ve got 10 years or 20 years or 30 years or 50 years or a hundred years, depending on the report, to fix it or we’re all gonna die.

And then the polar bears are dying, and they put up fraudulent pictures of polar bears on little ice floes, three square feet, claiming that’s all that’s left for Little Timmy the polar bear. And of course giant, total, fraudulent lies, all designed to impose guilt and fear, even among kids. I mean, Ted Turner was one of the early entrances into this with his cartoon series on Saturday morning called Captain Planet. It was about a guy saving the world from evil corporate CEOs who were destroying it simply by running their businesses. Capitalists, Republicans, conservatives didn’t care what they destroyed, didn’t care who they destroyed. All they wanted was to get rich and make everybody else poorer.

Remember we talked about the student body at Rutgers demanding that Condi Rice be removed as the commencement speaker. I was pointing out that when 9/11 happened, those students now were between six and 10 years old. And I asked you to consider, what has been their world from age six, 10, the moment they started paying attention. It’s been nothing but fear, panic. It’s been negative this, negative that. “America sucks” has been what they’ve grown up with. America’s destroying the planet. America is killing the polar bears. America is immoral and unjust in Iraq, America! They’ve grown up believing that their country is immoral and unjust and unfair.

And the climate change argument was part of it, and the kids especially. How many of you are parents whose kids would come home from school, “Mommy, mommy, you’ve gotta stop driving the car that you’re driving. It’s killing the polar bears, mommy, mommy.” How many of you parents had that happen to you? Raise your hands. It’s a lot of you. And if it wasn’t your kids, it was the news that made you feel guilty, but there was always redemption for you. You know what the redemption was? Vote Democrat. Isn’t it amazing? You could vote Democrat and agree for the government to get bigger and agree for taxes to go up, and that’s how you could be absolved of your sin and your part, the role you played in destroying the world.



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