Feminists Blame Men, But Killer’s Manifesto Dripped With Class Warfare Rhetoric

Liberals make monsters and want to blame others for it.
Check it out:

Because of this incident out in California with Elliot Rodger, there are women all over this country now writing blog posts and creating hashtags taking the occasion of this event to make the point that this shows how women are discriminated against and oppressed at least many times in their lives. It does make sense, if you understand the left, and if you understand that every event, particularly a crime, is one of the best and fastest ways for them to advance the agenda.

So here you have a disturbed, mentally ill guy who goes on a shooting and killing rampage, and the feminists of the world rise up and say, “See what we’re up against?” You have one male go nuts here, and every man is capable of what this guy does, right? Now, follow me on this, the way the feminists and the way the media and everybody else portray it, so Elliot Rodger goes nuts and that becomes symbolic of what every man is capable of.

And yet when militant Islamists blow up the World Trade Center, what’s the first thing we’re told? Now, don’t judge the whole religion by this, no, no, no, no, no. These are just some isolated events with some isolated malcontents. But you let some Looney Tune go nuts in a sorority house or wherever he went nuts, and all of manhood is indicted.



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