It’s So Easy to be a Liberal

How do we write about liberals so well? I think of a conservative, and I take away reason and accountability.
Check it out:

It would be the easiest thing in the world to come here one day and do what liberals do. You would be driven crazy. You would think about leaving this program. You would think I’d been co-opted. It would be the easiest thing in the world. The thing about liberalism I’ve always said is it’s the most easiest, it’s the most gutless thing you can do. It’s so easy. You don’t ever really have to do anything. You just have to act a certain way and say the right things and after that you can live any way you want.

You can be rich. You can mistreat people. You can fire your employees. You can deny them health care, but if you say the proper liberal things, you are inoculated. It’s so easy. Victor Davis Hanson, you know, one of my favorite writers, National Review Online, has a very long piece that he published six days ago and I just found it. It was just brought to my attention over the weekend. None of this is gonna be new to you. You all know it. I just want to share with you the way Victor Davis Hanson says it. He’s written about this before. He chronicles what he considers to be the eventual collapse of the left.

That’s why I disagree with it. I don’t see them collapsing. I see them living. I see liberalism expanding. I see it growing. I see it dominating more and more of our culture. I don’t see it in decline at all. The country is, but liberalism isn’t. But he believes that at some point it’s all gonna collapse on itself, just like Reagan believed that the Soviet Union would collapse eventually of its own immorality. And what Reagan meant by that was that it was entirely possible the Soviet Union would cease to exist without having to fire a shot against it because it couldn’t sustain itself.

Now, as a nation, he turned out to be right, but it required specific policy directions from this country to force that to happen. We just couldn’t sit idly by and let it happen. Unfortunately now in our battle with the left, our elected leaders are just sitting around waiting for what they think will be the collapse of the left, either because of its own immorality or it can’t sustain itself or what have you. But you have to force that. If you wait around for it to happen on its own… how long did it take for Rome to fall?



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